Welcome to Axiom Consultants & Partners Accounting, Audit, Tax & Business Advisory Services

Welcome to Axiom Consultants & Partners Accounting, Audit, Tax & Business Advisory Services

Tax Consulting Services
Get a Clear picture of your tax position, even when changes to the law shift your landscape
Significant Qatar tax reforms and continuous changes are creating market volatility that can have serious tax implications. Axiom helps businesses and private clients make sense of continually evolving issues related to corporate taxation laws so they can optimize their tax position.

How can we help?

Axiom corporate client tax services team can help you identify clarify and accomplish corporate planning goals in the most tax efficient way. We keep up to date on the latest tax laws changes and best practices. We help corporate world to:

Our Services Includes


Corporate Tax
Card Registration


With Holding

Corporate Tax filing Services

Value Added Tax Registration & Filing

Registration & Tax Card

We help new companies to register with Income tax department and obtain tax card. We also help existing companies to renew registration.

Corporate Taxation

Our specialists assist in calculating income tax liabilities with professional touch, where you will never miss any allowable deduction.

Tax Planning

Help you in planning for tax and reducing tax liability by utilizing appropriate allowed measures.

Tax Auditing

We are registered auditors in the State for auditing financial reports for tax filing and can act on behalf of client for return filing.

Withholding Taxation

We help you to calculate tax impact on remittance for services provided by foreign entities or foreign office.

Transfer Pricing

Support you in setting appropriate.

How do Tax consultants add benefits to a business in UAE?

Hiring a tax consultant is a preferable choice since it makes a corporate entity knowledgeable of the country’s tax rules. Tax professionals assist in the preparation of tax-related matters. They benefit your company by doing the following:

Different Categories of Tax in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been one of the foremost appealing destinations for budding firms, mid-sized firms, and major corporations because of its 0% personal income tax as well as a multitude of business permits and operations permitted in the free zones and cheap import tariffs. The UAE government has always made an effort to make the country’s tax environment as attractive and reasonable. The United Arab Emirates has produced different tax categories over period.
Corporate Tax
For the fiscal year beginning on or after June 1, 2023, the United Arab Emirates has decided to impose a corporate tax on business profits.
Value Added Tax (VAT)
VAT (Value Added Tax) which was established on January 1, 2018 is a sort of indirect tax that is collected on the purchase and sale of goods and services.
Excise Tax
Excise tax is a type of indirect tax levied on things that are often damaging to people or the environment.
Tourist Tax

Tourists must pay a tourist tax at eateries, hotels, hotel apartments, and resorts across the country. 

Tax Consultancy Services in the United Arab Emirates at a Reasonable Rate!

Get one-stop guidance with expert tax consultancy services in the UAE, which are as follows:

Importance of tax consultants in UAE

Why choose AXIOM for your Tax Consultancy Services in Dubai?

Our skilled professionals will assess both your personal and business tax requirements. Then we’ll create a financial strategic plan that’s tailored to your company’s needs. Our personnel have the skills and knowledge they need to comprehend the taxation system. Furthermore, we provide services for our customers using sophisticated tools, and methodologies.

Frequently Asked Questions – Tax Consultant in Dubai

The FTA conducts a tax audit in UAE to verify if the company is complying with UAE VAT laws and regulations, as well as to ensure that any tax bills are paid correctly.
Employing a tax consultant in the UAE can assist your company in examining tax transactions, strictly adhering with UAE VAT laws, and assisting in tax planning.

AXIOM, as a leading tax consultant in UAE helps with VAT registration, VAT advisory and assistance for filing VAT returns in the UAE, performing tax audits, submitting VAT voluntary disclosure Form 211, and VAT return filing.

A Tax Agent is an individual who is enrolled with the FTA and who can be designated by a Taxable Person to advocate him or her before the FTA and assist in the fulfilment of his or her tax duties and tax entitlements.

All issues relating to a Tax Agent’s professional behavior shall be registered in a tax agent register, which is kept by the FTA.

Personal income tax is not levied in the UAE, and the standard value added tax rate is computed at 5%.

The Federal Decree-Law No. (7) of 2017 on Excise Tax entered into force on October 1, 2017.

Governments use taxation to produce cash to pay for public services. There are two sorts of taxes:

  1. Direct Tax
  2. Indirect Tax

Tax will offer a new stream of revenue that will help to ensure that significant public services are provided in the future. It will also assist the government in achieving its goal of lessening reliance on oil as a revenue generator.

In the United Arab Emirates, the Federal Tax Authority is in charge of managing, administering, and enforcing federal taxes.

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